he visitor experience at Beth Sholom includes a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright synagogue building and the engaging and educational exhibits of the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center was created by the Beth Sholom Synagogue Preservation Foundation as part of an ongoing effort to share this important building with a growing audience. It is located in the Robin Lounge, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as one of two social spaces within the synagogue. The Visitor Center was created by a collaborative team that included design, museum, and preservation professionals, Beth Sholom Congregation members and staff, and members of the board of the Beth Sholom Preservation Foundation. The lead designers were Picture Projects, working with Andrea Mason Design and Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates. The exhibits of the Visitor Center are:

1) From Generation to Generation
conveys the experience of multiple generations of Beth Sholom Congregation members through interactive displays that present their own words and images, vividly portraying life at Beth Sholom from the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright building through to the present day.

2) Beth Sholom in Context traces
three interwoven timelines, telling the stories of American synagogue architecture, the life of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the history of the Beth Sholom Congregation and construction of the Wright building. This exhibit features interactive kiosks that allow visitors to delve deeply into the history of the construction of the building, the creative conversation between Rabbi Cohen and Frank Lloyd Wright, and the history and styles of American synagogue architecture.

3) Conversations and Inspiration
presents the remarkable working partnership of Rabbi Cohen and Frank Lloyd Wright through their original letters and Wright's architectural drawings, allowing visitors to experience the design process and the dynamic interaction of these two strong personalities in creating this landmark building.

4) 360 Degrees of Light brings this "Temple of Light" alive to visitors through all four seasons and in a wide range of conditions through a dynamic, navigable interface and beautiful panoramic photography – interior and exterior – experienced through a large, high-resolution display.

5) "An American Synagogue: Frank Lloyd Wright, Mortimer Cohen and The Making of Beth Sholom,"
a documentary film, tells the remarkable story of the building, from the early idea for a new kind of synagogue, to its creation, and how it was realized through the efforts of Rabbi Cohen and Frank Lloyd Wright. The film features narration by Leonard Nimoy.

Visitor Center Hours (self-guided tours not permitted)

March - June, September - December
January, February, July and August – By Appointment Only

Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 1pm
Sundays 10am - 1pm & 3 pm

Tours begin on the hour with a 20 minute film and a 1 hour guided tour.

General Admission $12
Students/Seniors/Groups $10
Children under 10 Free
Beth Sholom Synagogue Preservation Foundation members Free

Tours available by appointment
Groups of 10 or more by appointment only

For more information, please contact us:

215-887-1342 x157

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Interactive kiosks and displays bring the project to life

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